Divining a spectator’s thoughts, bending keys and coins in a spectators palm and changing $1 bills to $100 bills. These are all part of Shawn’s bag of tricks. And he has performed his award winning sleight of hand for numerous corporations including Sun Microsystems, Ford, InterWest Communications, AT&T, Coors Brewing Company, NEXTEL Communications and the Denver Broncos to name a few. He has been a featured performer at Elitch Gardens, The Central City Opera House, Trip and Fall Variety Show at the Denver Civic Theater, and has appeared on stage in his own show at the Blue Bird Theater in Denver. He is a regular performer at the theater of dreams in Castle Rock Colorado and has appeared on local and national TV and on KBPI radio in Denver. He also spent over 5 years thrilling audiences as the “house magician” for Dave & Busters Restaurant.    


The most impressive way to experience magic is up close and personal. People enjoy being a part of the show and being able to see extraordinary things happen right before their eyes. Using everyday objects such as keys, coins and cards, Shawn will roam through your group as they mingle, fascinating everyone with his amazing sleight of hand. You might see coins move impossibly from one person to another or a signed playing card torn and miraculously mended in seconds. With a strolling magic performance, everyone can participate and see what they’ve only seen on TV or in the movies. This type of magic is perfect for all types of events and crowds of all sizes. Shawn’s unique talent and quick wit will be the talk of your event and will put a smile on every person’s face! 
Stand-Up Comedy Magic
Traditional and exciting, Shawn’s stand up comedy and magic show is always a favorite. Tears of laughter will flow as Shawn “belly dances” and threads a cupful of needles, not with his stomach, but IN his stomach. Can he stab a playing card with a pocket knife in mid air while wearing a paper bag on his head? Will he be able to produce a real bowling ball from a mere sketch on a pad? How will he repair the torn $100 bill with the missing piece? See for yourself and put some real spice into your event with Shawn’s one of a kind performance! An experience like no other, the Stand Up Comedy and Magic Show should not to be missed! 
For smaller groups of 30 or less, a cabaret style show is ideal. A combination of close up magic and stand up comedy, a cabaret show is the best of both worlds. Each of Shawn’s performances, like a mini Las Vegas style production, will combine incredible illusions and hilarious comedy. This intimate setting allows for more audience participation and will keep everyone on the edge of their seat. 
Mind reading and mental persuasion is one of the most popular of Shawn’s talents. This type of performance will shock and amaze your group. Watch as Shawn passes several different books to audience members and has them choose a page. Will he guess random words on each of those pages by concentrating on the thoughts of the each person? Can he guess the one phone number chosen out of an entire city phone directory? With no reasonable explanation, Shawn will astound your group over and over with his incredible feats of mentalism.  Magicians for Hire
Magicians for Hire
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Shawn Preston has years of experience stunning audiences as a Denver magician. Providing flawless corporate entertainment in Colorado and beyond, Shawn shares his sleight of hand with a variety of audiences. Whether he’s providing comedy entertainment, acting as a Denver corporate speaker or astounding you with his magic, there’s no better entertainer in Colorado for your event!